International Property & Investment Expo

  April 12th-15th, 2018 

September 13th-16th, 2018



Overseas Property Immigration Investment Fair

March 16-18th, 2018

September 14-16th, 2018



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 If you have no time to come to China to exhibit, we can help you! Click to see the details!

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Why Exhibit

Beijing International Luxury Property Show to help you expand your market preferred.

Participate in "LPSChina 2012", by following a one-stop service, you can seize the infinite opportunities in the rapid growth of the Chinese market.


Full range of marketing

Exhibition website by over one thousand hits a day, around the clock to show your company logo, sales contact and exhibit information.

Exhibition website, publish your company press release.

By a strong global media network to publish your press release, the latest trends in the industry to promote and product information.


Mature display platform

Beijing Exhibition Center to facilitate and complete facilities, the pavilion to help you greatly to save exhibitors additional costs to ensure that the exhibition area and the image display.

Variety of booth options flexibility to choose.

A mature project team, will immediately provide you with attentive service.


High-quality audience

Confirmed exhibitors can nominate want to see on the show audience and target audience area, the organizers will be invited through a variety of channels, of these nominees audience and facing the target area.

Uninterrupted telephone invitation throughout the year, the data direct mail, electronic promotion, consisting of three-dimensional marketing plan comprehensive coverage of more than 30,000 global continually updated industry data.

Invitation information will be passed directly to senior corporate decision makers through a wide range of media and associations cooperation throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


Excellent exchange platform

Dinner reception, opening ceremony and other exchange activities organized to help you direct contact with industry colleagues and top buyers.

Education and training opportunities

Held in conjunction with the various forums and thematic sessions will bring you to the forefront of the expert opinion.

Site organized technical seminars, market analysis will capture industry trends and in-depth understanding of the market provides a good opportunity.

Otherwise choose a variety of marketing services and conference speaking opportunities, please contact your project representative for more information.



                         Mobile / Wechat: +86-13801087331      Tel: +86-80488520

 If you have no time to come to China to exhibit, we can help you! Click to see the details!


International Property and Investment Expos

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